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TMOE  2013 - 2014

The Academy of Business and Technology
at New Utrecht High School

"Life After High School"
with Hank Clouden, Lincoln Institute

"Doing Good to Do Well"
Reaching Out Community Services, Inc

Trip to the New York Stock Exchange
November 2013

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"Winning Your College and
Professional Interviews"
with Artie Schwartz, Five Towns College

Central to the mission of The Academy of Business and Technology at New Utrecht High School and The Mark of Excellence is bringing students into the real world of business and bringing business and secondary education professionals to the student employees in Room 411.

Friday is Professional Development Day, where students dress professionally and participate in seminar sessions ranging the spectrum of business and college awareness and preparation. These sessions are led by guest speakers and other professionals. Field trips to work sites and colleges have always been a vital part of professional development The Academy of Business and Technology.

The Professional Development Friday schedule for the academic year 2013-2014 has been both engaging and educational. Student employees have practiced communication skills and have learned about Myers-Briggs personality types and have assessed their own abilities and professional interests. They have also created business cards for personal use and have reflected upon how they will use their skills  and professional life to make the world a better place.

Guests and topics have included:

  • Berkeley College
    (Social Media and Marketing/Advertising)

  • DeVry University
    (Professional Trends in Business and Technology)

  • Five Towns College
    (Winning Your College and Professional Interviews)

  • Reaching Out Community Services, Inc.
    (Doing Good to Do Well)

  • Lincoln Institute (Life After High School)

Trips included a day on Wall Street and a visit to the New York Stock Exchange. Student employees also visited DeVry University in Manhattan.  All in all, it has been a busy first semester. The Spring 2014 semester promises to be even busier, with trips planned to Baruch College, St. Joseph's College, and The American Museum of Finance.

The complete Professional Friday schedule for the Fall 2013 semester is listed below.


"Professional Trends in
Business and Technology"
with Ricardo Alonso, DeVry University

Visit to DeVry University, January 2014


September 13  
"Are You A Reliable Employee?" 
September 20
Communication Skills - Introducing Yourself
September 27
Communication Skills - Interview Someone and Introduce Them

October 4
Berkeley College, "Social Media and Marketing/Advertising"    
Guest Speaker:  Mr. Larry Balaban
October 11 (in the NUHS library)
"What Color Is Your Parachute?"

October 18
DeVry University,  
"Professional Trends in Business and Technology"    
Guest Speaker:  Ricardo Alonso
October 25
The Words and Life of Steve Jobs
(video and writing assignment)

November 1
"What do I believe in?  
 "How will I make a difference in the world?

November 8
"Creating Business Cards with Microsoft Word"  
What is the purpose of a business card? 
What resources do you need to create business cards? 
What information is important to include? 
How and when will you use yours?

December 6
"Winning Your College and Professional Interviews" Guest Speaker:  Artie Schwartz,  Five Towns College
What are the keys to your success? 
What to interviewers look for? 
What do you need to stress?  What mistakes eliminate you and how to avoid them.

Tuesday, December 10     
"Doing Good to Do Well" 
with Reaching Out Community Services, Inc.      
Guest Speakers:  Kimberly Fasano and Thomas Neve

Thursday, December 12
"Life After High School"   
Guest Speaker:  Hank Clouden, Lincoln Institute

Friday, January 10, 2014
Marketing and the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show

Answer the following questions:

1. What is the Consumer Electronics Show?

2. What products and services impressed you?
(include at least 3 in your answer).
Why were you impressed?

3. Choose 1 of the products that impressed you
and describe how you would market it.
Use the 4 “P’s to describe your marketing plan.


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