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Welcome to The Mark of Excellence.

We hope you enjoy your visit with us. Serving you is what we do best.

A bit about us:

The Mark of Excellence
was one of the original New York City Virtual Enterprises begun in 1996 within the high schools of NYC. These enterprises practice professional skills while learning the basics of principles of economics and running a business. The Mark of Excellence has always been special in that beyond the requirements of a virtual business setting, TMOE has been learning and honing its skill base serving real clients as a real business. It has been our mission since our inception to provide superior quality engraving, gifts and printing services at competitive prices. But that is not what makes us truly unique. What makes us special is the way we work. We serve as an inclusion model of education and we welcome student employees with diverse capabilities and backgrounds, which helps us provide real products and real services to real clients.

What also makes us really special is our clients. It is a pleasure to continue to serve you and offer you the best service at the best prices in the New York metropolitan area. If this is your first experience with us, please take a look at what we have to offer. We look forward to working with you. If you have worked with us before, thank you for your continued support!  We value your business needs and will work hard to continue to earn your trust.

Here is a gallery of photos and videos showing where we work and what we do,
featuring our student employees .


In the news recently
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MOE 2007

Trade Fair Planning
MOE 2006

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Mission Statement

To be the best at what we do:

  • Providing high quality products at competitive prices.
  • Creating value for clients with superior and timely service.
  • Growing our business while maintaining profitability and customer satisfaction. 
  • Modeling integrity and earning a reputation for excellence.
  • Growing leadership and providing student employees with an environment for success.


Customer Testimonials

We at The Mark of Excellence value our customers and the relationships we develop with them. Here is a sample of the feedback we have received over the years:

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the years of outstanding service that you have provided to Virtual Enterprises, International.

We have relied on you time after time to provide the plaques and trophies to recognize the achievements of VE students, coordinators and firms in numerous events and competitions, and you have never disappointed us. The Mark of Excellence has always provided top quality products, and perhaps most importantly, provided extraordinary service enabling us to meet deadlines within our customary narrow window of opportunity."
John Jastremski
Assistant Director, Virtual Enterprises, International

"To the students at The Mark of Excellence,
Thank you so much for the beautiful stationery and business cards. They will really come in handy in my daily work! I look forward to visiting your business soon!"

Catherine G.
Region 7

"I would like to thank you for arranging to have Chinese business cards made for us. We are looking forward to our trip to China."
Dawn Santiago Marulio

"We extend our appreciation to The Mark of Excellence. You did a great job!"
The Nursing Leadership of Bayonne Medical Center

If you have words and experiences to share with us at The Mark of Excellence, we would love to hear from you! You can contact us at



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The Mark of Excellence
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