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TMOE  2018

The Academy of Business and Technology
at New Utrecht High School

TMOE Manufacturing Department creating Chancellor Farina's
retirement gift




Getting Ready for Saint Valentine's Day
Ms. D and the production crew are
wheeling and dealing



Capital One Bank visits TMOE
with Frank Claps and Connie Waterman
(inside left and right)
Ms. D and Joel Landy
(outside left and right)

Practicing interview skills with
Capital One Bank's
Connie Waterman and Frank Clap

The Mark of Excellence
and Capital One Bank discuss
what it takes to be a professional

The Spring 2018 semester is underway and the young professionals at The Mark of Excellence have been busy making it a memorable one. At one of the events commemorating New York City School Chancellor Farina's retirement she was presented with a beautiful gift - big apple engraved with words celebrating the Chancellor's contribution to education throughout her career. That gracious gift was created by TMOE's student employees.  It was a well deserved tribute to our outgoing Chancellor and a feather in the cap to the New Utrecht High School Small Business Operations program.



Saint Valentine's Day is always an important calendar event for The Mark of Excellence. It is a time of hearts and gifts - and a lot of selling!  TMOE this year was active promoting and selling products in the school to students and the staff.  The dedicated production crew in the manufacturing department and sales representatives were challenged to keep up with the demand for merchandise, but they were up to the task. Congratulations for a job well done!

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Field trips into the working world and visits to The Mark of Excellence by professionals representing business and secondary education have always been important elements of the Small Business Operations program at New Utrecht High School. The 2018 spring semester has continued in this tradition. Capital One Bank managers Frank Claps and Connie Waterman once again visited the young professionals of TMOE in February. The student employees engaged Mr. Claps and Ms. Waterman in a variety of professional topics, including interview skills and careers in finance. Mr. Claps shared his fond regard for the TMOE program. A recent graduate of The Mark of Excellence has been working for him for about a year. She had attended the same seminar session those in attendance this day were witnessing. Remembering Mr. Claps' invitation to interview with him for a job when she became 18 years old, she did and was hired. She has gone on to become a valued and award winning employee.  Perhaps the Spring 2018 class will provide Capital One Bank with another award winning employee. Stay tuned!

The semester is young and there so much to do! This includes an upcoming business trip to Philadelphia, an "Elevator Pitch" competition, and visits from colleges and professional organizations. 

If you would like to find out more about The Mark of Excellence,
Small Business Operations at New Utrecht High School,
please contact the program's facilitators,
Ms. Cathy Daskalakis ( and Mr. Joel Landy ( 
You can also call the school directly at (718) 232-2500, Room 411, extension 4113.

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